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Randy Hale

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Painting by watermill tutor Randy Hale

Watermill of Posara


The Watermill is an amazing painting holiday destination. It is majestic, yet intimate. A jewel of a hideaway in the foothills of the mountains of Tuscany, where painters can soak up the ambiance of old Italy! This painting is my impression of all those wonderful memories of moments shared with fellow painters discovering incredible vistas, experiencing creative moments, having convivial conversations over a drink or one of our host's incredible meals. This loose, fluid painting of the Watermill nicely captures the soul of the place! (14”x 20”)

Painting by Randy Hale a tutor at the watermill in Italy

Verrucola castle


The sprawling stone structures of the ancient Verrucola castle are perched atop a steep vantage point on a route up toward the heights of the Apennine Mountains. The lush climate has wreathed the Castello in thick growths of thick vegetation, masking its majesty. But upon entering its surrounding pathways you realize what a towering fortress it is with commanding views in all directions that overlook every approach. (16” x 23”)

Painting tutor at the watermill in Italy Randy Hale

Hillside Church – Lunigiana


This is an online demo I did for patrons of the Watermill, depicting an early morning silhouette of a hillside chapel against mist-shrouded valleys, with mountain tops faintly visible off in the distance. It was an exercise in creating the impression of vegetation on the terraced foreground without getting lost in the minutiae of detail. Using rich fluid darks, we see how blooms and reactions of pigment and water can create unique textures triggering a viewer’s recollection of such landscapes. The darkest darks against the lightest lights take the viewer’s eye to our focal point, telling the story of this hillside sentinel. (11” x 15”)

Painting tutor Randy Hale at the watermill in Italy

Cinque Terre Boats


The wonderful wooden boats bobbing in the emerald waters of Cinque Terre create brilliant negative shapes for the painter. But we have to decide what the painting is to be about - all the extraneous detail of the busy tourist harbour, or about the water and boats. Here I edit out much of the background, instead creating a backdrop of rich darks that accentuate the rhythm of these boats floating in the gentle swells of equally rich dark waters. This was another demo done for Watermill painters - a small plein air piece on 11” x 15” cold press watercolour paper.

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Randy Hale is an exciting watercolour painter from Colorado in United States. As well as his workshops in the USA, he has taken painting groups all over the world. After a successful business career, he returned to his first love, watercolour painting. (He was taught by James Green, a founder member of the California School of Watercolor.) But his true passion proved to be to be in sharing his knowledge: enjoying the excitement of travel with fellow painters, helping them to create expressive paintings to enrich their experience. One of his students said: “He knows his stuff and he knows how to teach! Best watercolor instructor I have ever had!

Randy’s painting career

Randy did his undergraduate work in studio design at Principia College in Illinois, USA, and went on to earn a graduate degree in Business from the University of Denver. But it was his immersion in studies at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where he crafted a solid foundation in design and composition. Art Center propelled him into a long and successful career in design, project management, and sales. Pitching creative concepts provided a strong foundation in working successfully with people.

Since his return to Colorado in 2000, Randy’s involvement with numerous art groups led to his serving on several boards, organizing regional and national shows, jurying art exhibitions and providing entertaining painting demonstration programs throughout the country. But Randy’s true passion has proved to be sharing his knowledge as a teacher and workshop instructor. His Painted Pallet Tours offers students a chance to enjoy the excitement of travel with fellow painters, discovering exotic locations and capturing expressive paintings that enrich their travel experience. His classes and workshops are popular, fill quickly and generate wait-lists with painters eager to join.

You can learn more about Randy and his work at his website at www.halegallery.com

Praise from some of Randy’s previous students

Sincere and caring about how the other in the class are doing and makes sure that everyone get some kind of one on one attention. One of the best instructors I have had. JR

He is very creative not only in his work and art but in how he presents the information to the class. He is an amazing teacher. TK

This class has given me the confidence that i needed to paint whenever I please. I had an absolutely wonderful experience. Thank you so much Randy. RE

Randy demonstrates clearly and effectively. He offers information constantly and shares his knowledge and techniques without hesitation. He’s an excellent artist and instructor and he offers clear and positive help. MHS