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Murray Ince

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Painting by watermill tutor Murray Ince

‘Tissington Duck Pond’

Gouache on 9” x 12” Saunders Waterford 140lb rough watercolour paper

This lovely scene of a quintessentially English village scene was started ‘en plein air’ and finished in the studio. It was created using Winsor & Newton’s Designer’s Gouache. The cluster of buildings, trees and dark reflected sky was the attraction to me for this one, the ducks and duckweed a bonus!

Painting by Murray Ince a tutor at the watermill in Italy

‘Trulli Shed’

38 x 28 cm line and wash on 200lb NOT Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper

In the Puglia region of Italy is a town named Alberabello, famous for its Trulli houses. These are dry stone buildings, a wonderful subject to create using the ‘Line and Wash’ technique. This ramshackle building was just outside of the main town at the edge of a field and was used as a storage shed: a great subject to create as a monochrome study I used a 0.1 Sepia fine line pen and Winsor & Newton Sepia artist’s watercolour.

Painting tutor at the watermill in Italy Murray Ince

‘Alltshellach Bluebells’

Water-Mixable Oils on 24” x 12” stretched cotton canvas.

The beautiful and ancient Abbey sits surrounded by it's olive groves with some of the trees as much as six or seven hundred years old and to me was how I had always thought of Tuscany and the Val Dorcia in particular.

Painting tutor Murray Ince at the watermill in Italy

'Abbaye Sant Antimo'

Line and wash 14" x 10" on Arches 140lb Hot Pressed watercolour paper

I did this demo depicting a coastal Maine location to illustrate the importance of designing a composition that presents unexpected viewpoints.

'What stories of men and cattle these run-down sheds could tell! I was interested in suggesting the distant trees through soft watercolour effects, the lovely merging of variegated green and tawny grass colours and the strong contrasting shadows under the bright, midday sun.'

Course dates

Saturday 29 April to Saturday 6 May 2023


Gouache, pen and ink, line and wash (with watercolour)

Murray Ince has many years’ experience of fine art tuition, He loves to paint and teach on holidays and says that he is privileged to be able to be able to devote his time to his passion. He believes that the best work is produced in a relaxed atmosphere with lots of demonstrations, one-to-one guidance, encouragement and a shared joy of creativity. He says: “ I like to keep my sessions light-hearted whilst imparting serious techniques, tips and tricks.” Murray adds: “Anyone with the desire to draw and paint has it within them: anyone can learn.”

Murray is best known for his work in gouache, pen and ink, line and wash (with watercolour), but is happy to help with other mediums, like water-mixable oils, as well.

Murray’s painting career

Murray started his professional life building scenery at the Theatre Royal in Windsor before becoming a furniture designer and maker. He gained a teaching qualification in 1998 and became a full-time professional artist and fine art tutor in 2003. His first love is landscape painting, particularly in water-mixable oils and has written a book on the subject. Murray is a featured artist and product ambassador for Winsor & Newon, a regular contributor of drawing and painting articles for ‘Leisure Painter’ and is a professional associate with the SAA, demonstrating at their live shows in London which sadly, they no longer stage. He has tutored painting holidays every year in the UK, France and Italy since 2008 and runs various workshops and art groups on the Isle of Wight.

Murray has twice won the annual Light Space and Time’s international “Landscapes” painting competition in 2016 and again in 2019. He has paintings in collections all over the world. His specialist subjects are landscapes and seascapes, but he also loves to paint many other subjects in many mediums, although he is best known for his work in water-mixable oils, pen and ink and gouache. He also demonstrates with acrylic, artist’s soft pastel and watercolour. In February 2020 Murray launched the ‘Society of Painters in Water-Mixable Oils’ which currently has more than 120 members worldwide and membership is ever growing.

Murray’s teaching style

Murray believes that the best work is produced in a relaxed atmosphere with lots of demonstrations, one to one guidance, encouragement and a shared joy of creativity. Murray likes to make his sessions light-hearted whilst imparting serious techniques, tips and tricks. He is a firm advocate that anyone with the desire to draw and paint has it within them, “anyone can learn” he says. He doesn’t state what colours you must have or what materials you must work with, he is happy to help you master those that you already have and is more than happy to advise on materials, colour choices and all things creative

You can learn more about Murray and his work on his website at https://murrayince.com/

Praise from some of Murray’s previous students

I have been on painting holidays which Murray has organised and tutored several times, both in this country & abroad. On each occasion the holiday has been very enjoyable, informative & helpful. He researches the area well beforehand so that we have always had varied locations in which to paint - landscape, sea, water, buildings and even industrial architecture for those who enjoy this. He tirelessly helps each student to ensure that we all improve & have something worthwhile to take home at the end of the holiday. Each evening he uses time to demonstrate techniques & help us to improve. I would recommend any holiday he is tutoring. It would be friendly, fun & instructive. Really looking forward to the next one. RB

Murray is an excellent tutor in many mediums, styles, and techniques. His demonstrations are very instructive, and he is very knowledgeable on the history of art. His holidays are well organised, and he finds time to assist everyone with their paintings at really interesting venues. AG

I have known Murray for nearly 10 years, and I have found him to be an inspiring teacher of various art media. Together with my wife, I have spent painting holidays in France and Cornwall with Murray and found his guidance and relaxed approach helped give a really fulfilling holiday. I would recommend him as an able leader of any art group. TM