Watermill painting tutor Herman Pekel


Herman Pekel

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Painting by watermill tutor Herman Pekel


Watercolour 50cm x 70cm

This plein air watercolour study was made in the Warrendyte, near Melbourne, Australia.

Painting by Herman Pekel a tutor at the watermill in Italy


Watercolour 50cm x 70cm

this watercolour captures the atmosphere of the countryside surrounding the old gold mining town of Maldon, in state of Victoria, Australia. It was painted last summer in a 38-degree heat, battling to make the washes work.

Painting tutor at the watermill in Italy Herman Pekel


Watercolour 50cm x 70cm

This watercolour of Malvern, in inner suburb of Melbourne, was painted from a sketch made while sitting in my car during rain.

Painting tutor Herman Pekel at the watermill in Italy

Yarra Glen

Watercolour 50cm x 70cm

Yarra Glen, a town in Victoria, Australia is famous for its agricultural produce and wine. This watercolour was painted for my latest solo exhibition.

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Herman Pekel, from Melbourne in Australia, is an artist of energy and enthusiasm and produces award-winning work in watercolours, oils and gouache. He creates paintings of strong design and powerful impact – every brushstroke vibrant and visible. Environmental issues are a great concern to Herman and his love of the landscape is reflected in almost everything he paints.

Herman is the winner of many artistic awards and his work is featured in the books Australian Impressionists and Realist Artists, 120 Years of Watercolourist Artists, Galleries of Australia and New Zealand, and Profile on Contemporary Watercolours.

On Herman’s course you will unearth fresh and honest art inside yourself and learn to capture it with paint. He will teach you to find originality in your own work. You will get started with new ideas in a way that is fun and fast. You will learn about colour mixing, glazes, composition, drying time, sickness and edges to create an Impressionist painting you never thought possible with watercolour. Expect to be challenged to be brave -- and have fun! Although Herman will concentrate on watercolours during his course, he is happy to help with other mediums as well