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Sue Ford

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Painting by watermill tutor Sue Ford

Cinque Terre


This collage is of the village of Manarola in the Cinque Terre one of our excursion venues. Making bright and colourful collages is an exciting way of producing art. During my course we will choose a subject from the wonderful surroundings and, using shapes torn from magazines, together with painting in acrylic and watercolour, plus pen and ink drawing, together will create vibrant artefacts.

Painting by Sue Ford a tutor at the watermill in Italy

Boy on Rock


This picture is a pastel painting on sandpaper, similar to 'wet and dry' emery paper. The gritty tooth of this paper makes it an ideal support for pastel paintings as it grips the pastel. However it's hard going on your fingers especially if you like to rub pastel in!

The picture came from a photograph I took whilst walking in Richmond, North Yorkshire, A group of boys were jumping off a bridge into the water and this boy was having a rest on the rock. I loved the shape of the boy and the shimmering water behind.

I like to work on dark papers, using the dark as a tonal value to work against. I used a pastel pencil to draw the figure and rock shapes.

Painting tutor at the watermill in Italy Sue Ford

The Watermill from the riverside gardens

Ink sketch on watercolour paper

This is a sketch from the garden next to the river Rosaro, which flows beside the Watermill. I love working in different types of pens on watercolour paper, not only in the mill gardens and grounds, but also at the stunning locations we visited during our painting week. The sketches can be finished off later in the Watermill studio

Painting tutor Sue Ford at the watermill in Italy

Watermill archway demonstration


A simple watercolour demonstration made in the Watermill courtyard, showing the archway leading to the walled garden, surrounded by flowers. Just one of the many delightful subjects to paint in and around the Watermill and on location in the unspoiled countryside that surrounds it. An artist’s paradise

Course dates

Saturday 13 July to Saturday, 20 July 2024


Watercolour, pen and sketching techniques, and acrylic

Sue Ford is often inspired by the wide range of subjects on her doorstep in North Yorkshire and she has exhibited widely, both locally and nationally. She also writes for Leisure Painter and Paint! magazines.

Her classes, workshops and painting holidays, both in the UK and abroad, are very popular, not least because she is skilled in a large number of media and can give practical advice about materials and techniques, as well as more general tuition in composition, colour and so on.

As a teacher she wants to inspire and encourage her students to achieve their artistic goals and realise their creative ideas. She says: "The aim is to stretch all students regardless of ability, and with patient, professional tuition, to form a foundation of artistic techniques as well as developing their own style in a relaxed learning environment."

She adds: “Each student will be guided carefully throughout the day, from initial demonstration to ‘getting started’, followed by patient, professional tuition. I want to help my students to create paintings which will give them the confidence in their abilities and help them to develop their own artistic vision.”

You can find out more about Sue on her website, www.sueford.co.uk

Praise from some of Sue’s previous students

I had a wonderful time. Everything was superb – the accommodation, the trips out and the food! Utterly wonderful. It was an experience that I will treasure. Sue Ford is an exceptional tutor with a lovely manner and treats all with respect and kindness