Watermill painting tutor Milind Mulick


Milind Mulick

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Painting by watermill tutor Paul Talbot-Greaves

Wildflower field


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Painting by Milind Mulick a tutor at the watermill in Italy

Corniglia Cinque Terre


A colourful fishermen’s village on a sloping terrain, against a tall mountain by the sea. The juxtaposition of colourful building shapes is exciting, but one must be careful to keep the harmony and balance of colour. The colours on the sunny side of buildings create interest among the darkish middle-tone mass of background. Another challenge is the foreground trees and rocks: I played lost and found edges, leaving white spaces to balance and keep the interest.

Painting tutor at the watermill in Italy Milind Mulick

Wet road


I like to paint what I see. But scenes like this, when you are in a hurry to go someplace, the noise, rain and irritation... who would want to paint such a scene? When I first thought of doing so, it was an eureka moment: suddenly new possibilities opened up, like this picture of the road that I travel every day from my home to studio. The lost and found edges are the key here: each sharp brushwork blends on the other side and compels the eye movement.

Painting tutor Milind Mulick at the watermill in Italy



As an artist I need colours, shapes, light, shadow. Varanasi is chaotic and it is fun finding a pattern in this chaos. I keep looking at so many shapes and colours, then suddenly a pattern emerges and I am restless, I have to paint.
In a strict traditional way this painting may not have a single focal point, but I enjoyed the interesting shapes of red, and the dance of yellow, green and white, enveloped by earthy brown walls and dark water binding the composition.

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Watercolours (and acrylics)

Milind Mulick is from Pune in India and has gained a remarkable reputation in his own country and, increasingly worldwide, for his atmospheric watercolours. He’s been painting in watercolours for more than 30 years, his artistic journey beginning in childhood following his father Pratap, also a painter. As well as being influenced by the great British watercolourists like Edward Wesson and Edward Siego, Milind has absorbed the styles of Indian artists too. He has won many awards and written many books on the techniques of watercolour painting.

Milind has been teaching in India for more than a dozen years and, more recently, leading workshops in the rest of Asia and in Europe. He says: “Teaching gives me great pleasure: I love meeting new people and helping them realise their artistic potential. And when I’m teaching others, I find I’m also learning a lot of new things myself.”

As a previous student said: “Miland pours his heart and soul into his paintings and believes in spreading his knowledge.” Another said: “Milind Mulick is a great watercolor painter. He is also a very good teacher in art!”

Milind has participated in group shows throughout India and has had 20 one-man shows in Mumbai and Pune. His paintings are in many private collections, not only in India, but also in the USA, Europe, Japan and Singapore.

Milind’s thoughts on art

Milind says: “We all know that being able to draw, or paint, or even to possess all the necessary technical painting skills, does not make one an artist. Every work of art is initiated with love and passion, and it is the sum total of the artist’s personality. Technical skill is definitely required; but it is merely the tool to communicate ones message.

“The thing that makes one artist different from another is attitude, and what makes an artist different from a non-artist is also attitude. By attitude I don’t mean growing a beard or acting in a certain way that one might expect of an artist. Rather it is one’s way of looking at things and observing the world in a detached sort of way.

“While I am sketching or painting outdoors, sensation arises as if I’m watching a movie or dreaming. I’m fully involved with the scene, but somewhere inside I am different. It is like being relaxed in my armchair. The beauty of the world becomes enhanced. This is a very pleasing sensation and, I think, is one of the best gifts being an artist.”

Praise from some of Milind’s previous students

He pours his heart and soul in all his paintings and believes in spreading his knowledge. He has written many books and also run courses on painting. He is now passing the torch to the next generation and has been quite humble to learn from them as well!

Milind’s method of teaching relies a lot on his demo painting which is good and very impressive. I think that we learn as much from watching him painting as from doing it ourselves. But, of course, the combination is even better! He is very calm and focused when he paints. Suddenly he stops and give us some explanations about colours, lights, details or composition. When the students are working with their own paintings, Milind gives advice and support in relation to each student’s level.

Milind Mulick is a very humble teacher. He shares his knowledge in a generous way. At his workshop I learned a lot of new things that I will use in my painting in the future. AA