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Mark Warner

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Painting by watermill tutor Mark Warner

The River

Black conte pastel and acrylic

This painting was started one evening after a day spent tutoring at Fivizzano. I walked down to the river and began sketching with black conte and laying down some under-painting. I completed it in the studio when I returned to the UK.

Painting by Mark Warner a tutor at the watermill in Italy

Watermill garden demo

Black conte pastel and acrylic

This painting combines the use of black conte pastel with layers of acrylic paint. This piece was the first demo I did at the Watermill on the first day of my painting holiday in 2017.

Painting tutor at the watermill in Italy Mark Warner

Malvern Hills

Acrylics on blue pastel paper

The Malvern Hills are in the county of Worcestershire in the UK. When you reach the top of this mountain you see a very distinctive shape to it as it winds its way into the distance. Working on blue pastel paper in acrylics I incorporated both line and colour, letting the blue of the paper come through.

Painting tutor Mark Warner at the watermill in Italy

Beach on Anglesey


This seascape was painted on location in Anglesey North Wales in the UK. The weather was very different throughout the plein air session, but a beautiful day working on the coast. I tried to capture this space, meandering sand and light, and introduce lines of colour into my work.

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Colourful Acrylics, Drawing, Pen & Wash

Mark Warner, from Shropshire, England, is not only a respected artist, but also a highly professional tutor with many years of teaching experience. Mark leads by example, creating a relaxed and encouraging environment. He loves working outside, experimenting with colour, light and line: “I work directly in the field (literally on many occasions!) and from sketches created outside as well as notes/photographs taken on location.”

Sketching is at the heart of Mark’s work: “This is important in the development of a piece and often forms an integral part of the painting itself.”

Mark works on coloured grounds, incorporating aspects of mark-making and directional brushstrokes within the work. He says: “I continue to draw inspiration from the landscape, although subject matter can be broad and at times very different.”

You can find more about Mark on his website, www.brushmark.co.uk

Mark’s painting/drawing course at The Watermill

“There is nothing like drawing and painting outside on location.”

Mark will concentrate on demonstrating numerous drawing and painting techniques with an emphasis on colour, line and atmosphere. In a relaxed and encouraging environment, he will offer helpful and informative advice while enabling you to move your painting forward.

The Watermill and its surroundings will form a beautiful backdrop to experiment with colour and drawing. Whether you are a more experienced artist or just beginning your painting adventure, painting outside is something all should experience.

Praise from Mark’s students

I always promised myself, one day I would have a painting holiday.
What a wonderful experience it was too. A group of strangers became a group of friends. Mark guided us through our week with support, encouragement and enthusiasm. I can honestly say that I had a really amazing time. Mark inspired me to keep up my painting and taught me to be more observant, improved my colour mixing and loosen up!

Mark has the ability and professionalism to make you feel at ease and as a beginner to the world of painting this approach is very encouraging. Tuition was delivered in group and also one to one which helped me a lot. Mark's tuition is brilliant for all levels of ability and it was wonderful to see the lovely artwork produced by the more experienced painter. The holiday was extremely well organised and Mark did everything possible to make this a lovely experience for all. LL

It was a splendid week. I thoroughly enjoyed the painting and have stored a lot of such helpful tuition that I hope will come through in my future attempts. I loved your use of colour and managing the palette in such a way to create continuity within the piece, I do hope I can work on that. MP