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Grahame Booth

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Painting by watermill tutor Grahame Booth

The Watermill Courtyard

Watercolour. 38x51cm, Millford paper

The old millstones and oil bottles with their wicker coverings provided a perfect illustration of creating shapes using contrasting light and dark tones at the edges of the different objects.

Painting by Grahame Booth a tutor at the watermill in Italy

Monzone from Monte dei Bianchi

Watercolour 38x51cm Millford paper

There is a special morning light here that catches the village rooftops and the smoke as it rises lazily through the cool morning air.

Painting tutor at the watermill in Italy Grahame Booth


Watercolour 36cm x 26cm on Millford NOT paper

This demonstration illustrated a method of creating the feel of strong sunshine without actually having to go too strong with the darks. It involves keeping most things in the shadows soft and saving the strong sharp edges for the sunlit areas.

Painting tutor Grahame Booth at the watermill in Italy


Watercolour 36cm x 26cm on Millford NOT paper.

This is a demonstration painting to show the benefits of negative painting (on the right side) and simplification (on the left)

Course dates

Saturday 5 October to Saturday 12 October 2024



Grahame Booth paints only in watercolour and his success is reflected in the numerous awards he has won over many years. His website is a great resource for the watercolour painter and his YouTube painting channel has close to 40000 subscribers. He has produced three books with Search Press (with a fourth on the way) and contributes regularly to the UK magazines Artists and Illustrators and The Artist

Grahame’s teaching philosophy

Grahame only started to paint some 30 years ago, and, because he clearly remembers the problems of learning to master watercolours, he is a particularly sympathetic tutor, passing on lessons and techniques that are proven to ease the way.

In common with most artists he believes that plein air painting is the key to success in this beautiful medium and he will show how to use a logical approach to translate the landscape into watercolours full of light, excitement and impact. It is his intention that you will leave inspired with new knowledge to help you better understand this elusive medium.

Praise from some of Grahame’s previous students

I have found Grahame to be an excellent teacher, he has a very relaxed and informative approach to water colours. SM

Grahame is always encouraging, always positive and gives useful advice. He is an excellent communicator. Many terrific painters can’t teach - Grahame can both paint and teach. He can manage a group of all levels and everyone learns and improves. Most importantly it’s always fun. LC

Grahame Booth is an inspirational tutor. No matter what skill level you have he can give you the confidence and encouragement to put paint to paper in a way which makes learning and improving a very enjoyable experience. JMcC

Greg and I had a lovely stay at Watermill. It was wonderful being someplace where we could both be engaged in activities we enjoy. I take it you were quite a hiker yourself and Greg appreciated your knowledge and advice. KC