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Chris Hughes

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Painting by watermill tutor Chris Hughes

Sunflowers and Shadows

Watercolours 36cm x 26cm on Two Rivers 200 lb NOT.

Painted on location in the Old Village of the Greek island of Alonissos. Drawn and painted over two days at the same time to confirm the shadows and light.

Painting by Chris Hughes a tutor at the watermill in Italy

Peralta View

Watercolour 15 cm x 10cm

Sketched from my bedroom window in my small sketch book. Washed quickly with watercolour and a size 8 brush.

Painting tutor at the watermill in Italy Chris Hughes

Orcia valley, Tuscany, Italy

Watercolours 30cm x 20cm.

No shade for this one, so I just made quick sketches and colour notes, plus photographs. Finished in my studio and maybe overworked as a result!

Painting tutor Chris Hughes at the watermill in Italy

Upton Pepperpot

Watercolours 30 cm x 30cm.Two Rivers 300lb Rough

This famous landmark, the Mediaeval belltower of the church at Upton-upon-Severn in Worcestershire, England ,is less than a mile from my house. I drew and painted this entirely on site the month of May. It looks positively Tuscan!

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Watercolours en plein air

Chris Hughes, from Worcestershire in the United Kingdom, is a watercolour, oil and ceramic artist whose pictures are sold all over the world. After studying at Swansea University in Wales, he joined the famous Royal Worcester Porcelain Company as an apprentice ceramic artist. He left in 1980 to pursue a freelance career – and he’s never looked back!

His inspiration comes from nature, so landscape and wildlife are key subjects, and he is looking forward to painting in the unspoiled countryside of Lunigiana that surrounds the mill. His favourite artists are William Russell Flint, Arthur Melville and Archibald Thorburn.

He has taught watercolours more than 25 years, not only in England but also in Greece and Italy. You can learn more about Chris at his website at https://christopherhughesgallery.com/

Chris’s teaching philosophy

Chris says: “I genuinely love what I do, embracing new subjects and styles as challenges. I have taught watercolour painting throughout my freelance career and I enjoy passing on what I have learned, both to complete beginners as well as competent painters. Analysing techniques and then verbalising them has made me a better painter… you never stop learning and, as I tell my students, you’re only as good as your next picture!”

Praise from some of Chris’s previous students

“Chris teaches his technique with patience, humour and generosity: he gave me the confidence to develop a style of painting I can enjoy and develop.” DB

"Five days with Chris proved I'd been struggling the wrong way for years. Even holding the pencil add brush higher and looser was the first dramatic lesson!" BJ

"As a slow, deliberate and careful painter, I needed to paint wetter and looser. It was not easy, but Chris persevered in a kind and patient way. By the end of the course, the change was amazing !" DL

"I met wonderful people, who are now friends. Chris made everyone's holiday not just with his marvellous demonstrations, but his company and friendship." CJ-T