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Andrew Geeson

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Painting by watermill tutor Andrew Geeson

A street


The beauty of painting a street scene is the unexpected, which can can appear without too much detail. It gives a sense of time and place to the image, which is always a joy.

Painting by Andrew Geeson a tutor at the watermill in Italy

A swirling tree


I feel this image of this swirling tree says more than the sum of its parts: time and history make an appearance, to add to the story too.

Painting tutor at the watermill in Italy Andrew Geeson



Soaring buildings reach for the sky as does the stance of the statue. A mix of past and future allows the viewer to determine the outcome.

Painting tutor Andrew Geeson at the watermill in Italy



Simple, quick and effective, these tulips, with their lively feel, encourage us to take the plunge into the loose and spontaneous world of watercolours

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Andrew Geeson, from Leicester in the UK, has been a professional watercolourist for more than 20 years. He has taught hundreds of students on holidays and in workshops and, increasingly, on-line were he enjoys a large following. Andrew says: “I love the simplicity and joy of watercolours and my passion and aim is inspire and encourage students to paint in a loose a free manner. The joy it brings is unmatched and everyone should try it. I am keen to share my excitement with others.”

Andrew has been a professional artist for several years and specialises in a wet-into-wet style of watercolours: “This quick, fun and rewarding approach to watercolour painting allows you to capture your subject, whatever it may be, in the most atmospheric way without the constraints of over detailing. Being spontaneous, immediate and atmospheric, it allows you to express more than the subject of the painting Come along and give it a try. I think you may find a new world of painting.”

Andrew's artistic journey began in 1991 with his work as a book illustrator, with work published by many leading publishers. He worked with Enid Blyton's daughter on her late mother's work and also produced very detailed botanical illustrations for Encyclopaedias. Andrew's style then took a dramatic turn as he discovered watercolour. His loose and fast approach allows him to create beautiful atmospheric watercolours in a short space of time and has proved very popular with his students. He paints every day, whether for himself, a commission or as part of his watercolour classes.

Praise for Andrew

“I love Andrews loose and fresh watercolours!” - BMcL

“Great lessons, great technique and good sense of humour, which always helps.” - ML

“You are REALLY helping struggling artists like me find the style for them. Thank you.” - CG

“Superb work. Beautiful loose style, this is how watercolours should be!” - CL