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Your inspiring yoga teachers for the week
25 August to 1 September 2018

Amy Rogg - Watermill in Tuscany's Yoga retreat

Amy Rogg


Amy Rogg is a yoga teacher and movement facilitator working on transforming the human spirit through holistic arts. She is based in San Francisco, California, USA.

Amy helps people to awaken and restore their passion and self-worth, inspring them to move towards their vulnerability and authenticity. She brings people back into their innate knowledge and wisdom, through a deeper connection to their body, breath, and personal expression.

Amy has been teaching full-time yoga (E-RYT 500), somatic movement and movement for actors for the last six years in addition to her Intuitive Counselling and Energy Work practice. Amy received her 200-hour yoga teacher training under the mentorship of Tamal Dodge in Los Angeles. Since then she has taught a myriad of yoga, breath work, somatic movement, and creativity workshops all over the Bay Area (California) as well as internationally (New Zealand, Australia, and Bali). Her anxiety reduction classes are also featured on so students can practice with her no matter where they are in the world.

Amy has taught a wide range of styles, levels and to all ages of people. She fosters a nurturing, playful, grounding and gentle atmosphere in her classes.

For more information please visit Amy's website, and for more details of the course, click on the 'Yoga Retreats' icon above.

Joanne Brohmer - Watermill in Tuscany's Yoga retreat

Joanne Brohmer


As a healer, Joanne Brohmer offers a range of modalities that helps others enter into their own depth and set their anchor deeper, where they can begin to claim and feel what has been hard to reach. She helps bring what has been blocked forward into the safe home of acceptance and embrace. She facilitates bringing others to that soft, open, vulnerable place in a way that feels safe.

Joanne has been a Reiki Master for 18 years and found this modality to be the most powerful, profound and gentle healing technique. She also offers Craniosacral Therapy, Integrated Energy Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage.

Born with a keen sensitivity and empathy, Joanne also been an Intuitive Reader for 13 years and brings this insight into healing sessions. She has also been teaching Reiki and meditation for 15 years.

Joanne received her RYT Yoga teacher training in Hatha Yoga in India in 2006 and has been teaching Yin and restorative Yoga for 8 years. She says: “I find this style creates an opportunity to deeply feel into those deeper layers of self, slow down and get inside of the connective tissues that tend to shorten and contract through the aging process. Since these poses are on the floor and are held for longer periods, I also offer hands-on Reiki to students while in the poses. I also incorporate meditation and guided visualization to deepen the experience.”

Joanne is also a trained Family Constellation facilitator, a type of group work that helps to heal family systems. For more information on the modalities she uses, and her training, please visit her website at