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Sarah Yeoman

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Painting by watermill tutor Sarah Yeoman



Painted from a photo reference taken of one of my favorite flowers, Lisianthus was a class demo that I did in the fall of this year. Two washes top to bottom and leave it alone. I am very interested in keeping lost and found edges, interesting textures and surface treatments and to say as much as I can with as little detail as possible

Painting by Sarah Yeoman a tutor at the watermill in Italy

Watermill courtyard


I painted this watercolour of the flowery courtyard from a photo reference before I arrived – just to get warmed up.

Painting tutor at the watermill in Italy Sarah Yeoman



I am fascinated with birds and especially the crows that come to my bird feeder. They are like fluid sculpture to me and I try to capture that with a limited palette of Payne's Gray and Cerulean Blue.

Painting tutor Sarah Yeoman at the watermill in Italy

The Visitor - Baltimore Museum of Art


An interior from the Baltimore Art Museum. Capturing the light bouncing off of marble floors and walls was the perfect subject for the watercolour medium.

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Sarah Yeoman AWS* is an award-winning American watercolour artist who lives in Delaware in the North-eastern United States. She is recognized for her command of light and strength of story. Her mastery of reflections, unique surface layers, and unusual perspective clearly sets her apart from the crowd. (*AWS = a signature member of the American Watercolor Society which is considered one of the top watercolor societies in the world.)

In the summer, Sarah follows Winslow Homer's footsteps in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, hiking and paddling in remote locations where she paints and collects references. She is equally at home in urban and lush garden settings; she lives on a private garden estate and draws on the greenhouses and gardens for inspiration, but also finds beauty in nearby Philadelphia and its rich architectural and human vibrations. Her years as a singer/songwriter flow through her process in the melodious and lyrical qualities of her paintings.

Sarah describes her artistic process as 'sculpting and pulling the form out of the paper', much as a sculpture releases the form from the marble. Her imaginative and unusual perspective frames her work with the deepest ability to project how she sees the world, formed by shadow and light. Her mastery of watercolour deepens the story and intimacy of her work, as the resulting texture, colour shifts, and granulation reveal the warm feeling of light as well as the whispers of light air. As she minimizes detail, the abstract shapes and surface of the paper reveal her deep connection with the process.

She is also an amazing talented tutor as can be seen from the testimonials from some of her previous students below. As one says: "Many artists are successful in producing paintings, but not all are true teachers... I have found Sarah to be the most creative artist as well as the best instructor."

Praise from Sarah’s students

Some comments from guests on Sarah’s course at The Watermill last year:

“An amazing week at the Watermill at Posara. We were instructed and tutored in watercolour painting technique by Sarah Yeoman. Sarah is a talented tutor and watercolorist with boundless enthusiasm and energy and a wonderful and vibrant painting style. The Watermill, set in a small village and encircled by mountains and lush countryscape is an idyllic place to relax and unwind. Bill, Lois and their team catered fabulously - the meals and picnics were divine. Cannot wait to return!”

“We had a brilliant holiday at the Watermill at Posara, which more than met our expectations. The beautiful accommodation, the gardens, the studio and the surrounding countryside, mountains and coastline are ideal for water colour inspiration. Our painting tutor was Sarah Yeoman, from Delaware, chosen by us for her 'splashy' style, which suited us. She was enthusiastic and supportive of our group which included a large proportion of US painters, a Canadian and a smaller number from the UK. Sarah was endlessly patient and by the end of the week we had learnt a number of techniques for improving our work.”

“A fantastic week at The Watermill at Posara. Our hosts, Bill and Lois, made us all very welcome and certainly fed and watered us VERY well. Our week's tuition with Sarah was awe-inspiring. Her attitude to taking on a subject and her encouragement and enthusiasm made everyone improve their painting during the week”

More praise for Sarah:

"I have taken more than one watercolor course with Sarah, in a group setting, and have found that she has the uncanny ability to execute inspiring group demonstrations and help class members improve with their individual compositions and interpretations. I recommend her classes and workshops without any hesitation." EM

"I have been taking classes in watercolor for six years and have studied with five artists. I have found Sarah to be the most creative artist as well as the best instructor. As an artist, not only is she a knowledgeable about all of the elements that go into making a great painting, such as composition, values, shapes, warm and cool, push and pull colors, but she combines this knowledge in a seemingly effortless manner. Her ability to produce amazing paintings, from realistic to impressionistic, showcases her range of technical abilities. However, Sarah is so much more than a technician. Her creative use of her techniques to make her own statement and involve the viewer set her apart from the many artists. She is equally at home in the studio and outdoors doing plein air painting. She has held numerous outdoor workshops in venues from gardens, woodlands, cities and lakes."

"Many artists are successful in producing paintings, but not all are true teachers. Sarah has the ability to confidently demonstrate, withholding none of her 'secrets', encourage students and critique showing many positives and then gently giving suggestions for improvement. I have never seen a student find failure in a painting when in her class. Sarah always finds beauty in every piece of student work. When a student is having difficulty she can suggest a wash to improve a color, spraying an area to get rid of a weak area of the painting, or slight color changes that direct the viewer to the focal point of the painting. She encourages each student to have his or her style and praises individuality."

"I highly recommend Sarah to you as a workshop presenter. Not only for the above reasons, but Sarah's personality makes her a true winner. Her ready smile, sense of humor, easy going way and excellent people skills make it easy for her to get along with each student. Her students truly have a wonderful time while benefitting from Sarah's expertise." CM

"Sarah Yeoman is that rare talented artist who is also amazingly talented as an instructor. She brings out the best in each of her students, always recognizing our unique strengths. She works in a wide variety of styles, which makes her connect with the styles of her students. In all her classes, she covers all the skills needed for students to make successful works, from initial composition to value, color theory, layering, wet/dry techniques. Most of all, she encourages students to reach beyond what they think they were capable of doing." GC

"Sarah has the most wonderful keys to painting, unlocking your creative impulses with encouragement and knowledge. Sarah demonstrates a broad range of techniques, ideas, and years of painting experience enhancing your painting ideas with enlivened energy. A Master teacher full of good spirit." Catherine