Watermill painting tutor Paul Talbot-Greaves


Paul Talbot-Greaves

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Painting by watermill tutor Paul Talbot-Greaves

In the shade of a tree


This watercolour painting depicts heat and warmth using a palette of yellows contrasted with opposing violets for visual effect. I liked the design with the light struck roof tops and large dappled shadows from the tree..

Painting by Paul Talbot-Greaves a tutor at the watermill in Italy

Down in the Valley, Menebres


I painted this watercolour as part of a tutorial in Provence. The view was from the village of Menebres high up the hillside, looking down into the valley. The aim of the painting was to show the focus of a design and completing the picture with a sense of immediacy.

Painting tutor at the watermill in Italy Paul Talbot-Greaves

Through the woods


I often like to find interesting subjects in the least expected places. In this picture, I used simple dynamic shadows combined with contrast and appealing colours to create a quick impression of light streaming through the woodland

Painting tutor Paul Talbot-Greaves at the watermill in Italy

Town square, Roussillon


Here I aimed to capture the bright colours of the red and ochre buildings bathed in Provence light. This was quite an immediate painting using lots of mixed colours on the paper to reflect the intense light, then enjoying the abstract shapes that shadows often create.

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Watercolours (and acrylics)

Paul Talbot-Greaves is a professional painter from England, working primarily in watercolour, although he also works with acrylic. He says: “I like to seek out compositions employing patterns of light, shade and contrast. At home, I enjoy painting wild places or capturing the timeless essence and atmosphere of the South Pennine landscape where I live.”

Paul has achieved many accolades over the years and won many awards, but, while he appreciates the recognition, he always prefers to allow his work to speak for itself. During his career, he has worked with some of the world’s biggest publishers and he has had four books published on watercolour painting. He is a regular contributor to The Artist’ magazine. Paul is also a very experienced teacher. He says: “I have been teaching painting through courses and workshops over the last 20 years, where I get an enormous amount of pleasure seeing people improve and enjoy their own work.”

Praise from Paul’s students

“It is one thing to be proficient as an artist and it is another skill to impart knowledge and teach effectively! These two experiences do not necessarily go together. No problem for you! Highly organised, good timing, excellent 'pitch' …clear and progressive lessons, culminating in a session using all learned techniques...wonderful.” -
Chris (retired teaching professional)

Thank you VERY much indeed.....a brilliant approach to this medium and I feel I shall have much more enjoyment in the future rather than the 'labouring' of far too many 'disappointments' and a few expletives!! Having a framework & understanding 'contrasts' has made a massive difference...I even commence all work now by asking myself "Where is the light?" You are immaculately prepared, but more than this you understand intuitively how people learn. All this added to the fact that you are an amazing artist makes you an inspirational teacher. -
Dawn (Senior university lecturer)

A big thank you for your excellent presentation. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your demo, which not only was of first class standard, but your presentation was excellent allowing everyone easy vision whilst you kindly talked us through your methodology and techniques.