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Mike Willdridge

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Painting by watermill tutor Mike Willdridge

View from Eggesford Bridge, Devon, England

Acrylic on paper

This was a rapidly painted demonstration in which I attempted to simplify the subject and work in a loose, fluid style. I was helped in this latter aim by using large brushes and rags to apply the paint. Possibly the most important means of achieving looseness in this and other paintings is to limit the time you spend painting. This painting was completed in less than 30 minutes.

Painting by Mike Willdridge a tutor at the watermill in Italy

Forest Track, Autumn, Devon, England


To be honest, this could be almost anywhere in Europe. It is, in fact, an imaginary image but no less real for that. I lived, until recently, by a forest in Devon where landscapes such as this were around every corner. It was painted as a demonstration lasting about 40 minutes.

Painting tutor at the watermill in Italy Mike Willdridge

River Rosaro, Posara, Italy


This is from a sketchbook painting made in early summer last summer (2014) and subsequently painted in my studio in England this year. This river runs past (and through) the Watermill and is always fascinating - being at different states, sometimes on a day to day basis. There’s some ‘artistic license’ at work here as I’ve imagined an autumnal scene

Painting tutor Mike Willdridge at the watermill in Italy

Waterfall at Posara

Watercolour demonstration painting

I'm often asked to help with painting moving water. In my early years we've painted the river directly behind the mill, but then I discovered a waterfall just upriver. This is a watercolour I produced from a dry vantage point in the river. My students then went on to make their own paintings, either of the waterfall or of another part of the river.

Course dates

Course Completed


Watercolours and drawing
(also gouache and acrylics, with a special emphasis on drawing and sketching on location)

Mike Willdridge is very experienced in a variety of painting and drawing media – as well as printmaking – and regularly teaches from his studio in Devon and on painting holidays abroad.

In his own work Mike is continually trying to move towards 'abstraction' and usually works in a quick, loose style. He is an energetic and enthusiastic teacher who often encourages his students to be bold/take chances. He is particularly keen on all forms of drawing and constantly uses a sketchbook.

During his course, Mike will teach students how to gather speedy impressions using a sketchbook, to be worked up afterwards in the studio. Mike will concentrate on teaching watercolour painting, but is also happy to help with gouache and acrylics. He will also help people to improve their drawing and to learn how best to keep a sketchbook while on location.

Mike first qualified and worked as a Graphic Designer before joining the Army and serving in many countries. But more than 20 years ago he left the army to become an Art Teacher and was the Head of Art at two independent schools before taking early retirement to teach adults and paint in Devon. Since then he has exhibited regularly at the Mall Gallery and Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London and at several galleries in Devon.

You can find out more about Mike and his work from his website at mikewilldridge-artist.com/


“I want to let you know how much we enjoyed the painting holiday in September. Although I have been learning to paint for a number of years - and I already knew how rewarding it was to spend time in Mike's previous studio - I came away from the week in Posara really refreshed and more than ever wanting to get on and do more. Mike's enthusiasm for the pleasure and the practise of art is both obvious and contagious; and I think it was evident that those with more and with less experience all benefited from seeing his demonstrations - he does not push a particular method but opens things up... for you to follow your own developments - while still providing a lead if needed. The demonstrations were clear and intelligible. The locations were varied and interesting and the mix of these had been well thought out. My current preoccupation is improving my watercolour and I got plenty to think about on that score but I particularly enjoyed Mike's 'refresher' sessions on colour and on gouache; his sessions on dealing with scenes where there are a lot of people and movement; and on tricky perspectives in the landscape e.g. a flat area in a valley bottom seen from above.There was never a shortage of visual stimulation or ideas for work we could try out but equally each of us was left free to pursue what interested us. Altogether very worthwhile! The Watermill is in a delightful setting and you and your team were gracious and helpful hosts. My 'non-painting' wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Mill!” - PS

“Mike Willdridge is a most inspiring tutor whose energy and enthusiasm encourages students to develop both their visual awareness and confidence. His patience and good humour create an enjoyable atmosphere in which students thrive, and his choice of subject matter frequently leads to enticing exploration with different materials. Mike's appraisal sessions help with self-analysis in a non-threatening way leading to positive progress throughout the group.” - MH

"Mike is a knowledgeable artist and an enthusiastic teacher. He has a loose, effective painting style with an emphasis on tonal quality; at the same time he will encourage students to follow their own painting or drawing style and has the ability to bring out the best in all levels of artistic experience. Having been a student of Mike’s for a number of years I most appreciate his kindly, relaxed approach to his students.” SS

"If anyone is choosing such a holiday, I can tell them that this was perfect. Excellent accommodation, the food was superb (any special diets catered for), delightful company and the tutor was excellent, just the right balance between holiday and learning. The holiday was very well organised. Everything had been thought of including providing water to take out on our trips. Chairs, easels, boards and water bottles were all provided. It was inspirational. Before this trip I had not produced any outdoor paintings of any sort of quality, but I now feel confident enough to try going out anywhere and painting."

"Many thanks for a wonderful week at the mill. The food, tutoring and company were really wonderful."