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Jude Scott

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Painting by watermill tutor Jude Scott

Just Joey

Watercolour - 56 x 38cms

The name of these roses became the painting's title. To begin, I set up roses and antique china as a the still life, drew directly onto the watercolour paper, painting first the roses, then the china and lastly background some areas with controlled mark making and some pure abstraction. All this while inhaling the heavenly fragrance that wafted through the studio! The rewards of the painting day!

Painting by Jude Scott a tutor at the watermill in Italy


Watercolour - 19 x 38 cm

A trip down to the river with the grandies resulted in this painting-they were having such a marvellous time spotting the enormous jellyfish! Sketches on site were used for a painting the next day. I began drawing the figures first from photographic references, flooding the background and foreground with water, dropping in the colour and allowing to dry. Then the figures and the shadows were painting as one, then after drying the darks were strengthened.

Painting tutor at the watermill in Italy Jude Scott


Watercolour - 92 x 74 cm

Faces are fascinating and this face inspired me with my own interpretation. A large painting was my aim and I found such a large drawing to be a challenge as I always draw freehand, simply stretching far enough with the pencil was physically demanding! I begin with the eyes and work out from there, getting the angles of the face and the tones is vital, I painted with a soft dreamy palette to enhance her cool look and had fun with the textured background. This painting is now in a government collection in China.

Painting tutor Jude Scott at the watermill in Italy

Drift of Orchids

Watercolour - 57 x 38 cm

This bowl of orchids flowering in my studio was painted many times last winter, they have even appeared in Artist Palette Magazine in a feature article of mine. Setting up a still life, an underpainting for the background was blocked in first, then the flowers and the pot were completed, then the background was revisited, with loads of darks and some flashes of cobalt turquoise and splashes light red for a spritz of colour. Now in a private collection.

Course dates

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Watercolours (plus acrylics and oils)

An artist from Western Australia, Jude has been creating, painting and teaching for many years. She began with ceramics, moved into textiles with a sports-clothing label, then discovered and became passionate about what she calls ‘the magical medium of watercolour’. She say: “While also using acrylics and oils, on discovering the soft and hard edges of watercolour, the translucency, the immediate nature of the medium, watercolour’s unpredictability, the dazzling colours and powerful tones, it is so perfect for me and watercolour is now my preferred medium.” Jude adds: “I love a new challenge and paint all subjects - boats, faces, florals and landscapes. Too hot outside? I just love nothing better than to work in the studio on the latest floral abstract!”

Jude is always thrilled and surprised by the places her art has taken her: “I was invited to study watercolour with Professor Huang in Beijing, I have paintings hanging in private and government collections in Australia, the U.K, France, Japan, USA and China. I get to meet so many interesting people when teaching several classes every week and while tutoring workshops on demand in rural Western Australia and Perth city”. See more about Jude at www.judescott.co

Jude’s teaching philosophy

I love sharing what I have learnt over many years of painting. When teaching it is always a thrill watching ‘the artist within’ emerge from each individual student and it is so rewarding for me! Promoting the basic essentials of painting and sound drawing is always my primary concern in class with tone, composition, drawing and design learnt, good technique always follows and this improves with practise!

I always start each session with a demonstration that is completed in steps so everyone can follow if they wish, or they are free to paint a subject of their choice with tuition and guidance.

I strongly encourage students to develop their own unique style of brush strokes and mark making, just relax, be brave, don’t forget to breathe and the rest will surely follow. The effort and persistence put into improving skills and technique will be rewarded, opening up a whole new world of ‘seeing’ differently, providing years of painting pleasure and the added bonus of discovering new friendships with like-minded artists!

Praise from some of Jude’s previous students

I find Jude to be an exceptional teacher and her watercolours are delightful. She is warm and generous in sharing her knowledge and helps everyone to achieve excellent results. Jude approaches her workshops in an exciting way and students from complete beginners to those with more experience gain improvement in technical understanding of watercolours. I love the ‘light bulb’ moments during one of Jude’s workshops, whether it is how colour mixes or a quick technique to paint reeds by the water or a rose, with extraordinary results. - AG

Jude was truly amazing, great tempo, strong knowledge base, strong interpersonal skills, just the right mix of doing and listening… I could go on. The most important comments were: ‘I want to do more’, ‘more teachers need to do this’. - AN

I was very fortunate to attend a weekend workshop on watercolours with Jude. We learnt so many different techniques and Jude was very generous in sharing her vast experience and knowledge of the medium. Her support and enthusiasm inspired everyone in the group – from beginners like myself to others who were quite experienced. - GT

I would like to thank you again Jude for the generous donation of your talents at the weekend workshop. An occasion I enjoyed very much, it was very well planned and I know everyone enjoyed the event immensely, it just wasn't long enough! - JC

Several years ago I had Jude's watercolour classes recommended to me and I have continued to enjoy and learn from her workshops ever since. I wanted to learn the technique of watercolour in a supportive, relaxed and non-competitive atmosphere. I discovered that her approach really suited my needs as she catered for the individual, encouraging a personal approach of expression, whilst at the same time teaching sound techniques. Her outgoing and bright personality really made these classes fun... I would thoroughly recommend Jude's excellent teaching and supportive approach to anyone wanting to experience the excitement and fun that this beautiful medium offers. - BC

Jude is a perfect teacher-the right mix of patience, skills, expertise and humour! Her knowledge and experience is varied and Jude can alternate between abstract, realism or contemporary - whatever the student needs! Jude has a warm personality and genuinely wants her students to progress and be at ease but most of all to have fun at her workshops and to be a rewarding experience! I would not hesitate to attend more workshops in the future and recommend Jude as an artist and teacher without a second thought! - DB