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Caroline Deeble

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Painting by watermill tutor Caroline Deeble

‘Sticks & Stones’

Watercolour on 300gsm fine Art Paper Watercolours

Exploring the wonders of Daniel Smith PrimaTek granulating colours, my contemporary nature compositions capture the essence of Australia. Taking a close-up look at our world & finding a myriad of new ways to tell the story of my region. Unique expressive colours of Australia are explored in my journey to paint our natural world.

Painting by Caroline Deeble a tutor at the watermill in Italy

Opal River

Watercolour on 300gsm fine Art Paper Watercolours

Known as the Rock Artist, I find myself fascinated by the light & colour that is enhanced by water flowing freely in the sunlight, bringing memories of fly fishing with my dad as a child. ‘Opal River’ is a part of this series of works, capturing the delicate colours in nature found in the rivers & streams. Painting these works find me lost in my imagination while Dreaming of clean fresh rain that brings new energy & life to our world.

Painting tutor at the watermill in Italy Caroline Deeble

Summer Dreaming in Green

Watercolour on 200 gsm fine Art Paper

Australia boasts some of the best beaches in the world, with many of us drawn to the ocean to replenish our souls. Captured by the energy that the waves bring to our shores, seascapes invite you to immerse yourself in nature.
‘Summer Dreaming’ is a study of ocean colours for beach lovers, created to bring life of the ocean to the daydreamers.

Painting tutor Caroline Deeble at the watermill in Italy

Native Flora

Watercolour, ink & wax pastel on 300gsm fine Art Paper

Australian forests have burned & now the seed pods are opening to bring us a flush on new colour to the parched environment.
Contemporary landscapes are captured in this creative composition, telling the story of native flora with their unique ability to re-generate. The Australian Banksia bush flower is just one of many included in this remarkable rebirth of our land.

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Watercolours (and other mediums)

Caroline Deeble is an artist from Gordon, in the Australian Capital Territory of Canberra uses her art to share her love of the natural world. She loves exploring layers of colour and shadows, to capture the essence of landscapes and water. Her artwork connects the viewer with nature, it’s gentle rhythm, it’s immense power and it’s cleansing ability to calm the soul.

Caroline is also an experienced teacher who encourages her students to be themselves and explore their passions, as well as learning technical skills. As one of her students says: “It is such an artistic adventure to have Caroline teach you. Fantastic watercolour classes, fun, creative, enriching your soul.” Caroline will teach in watercolours during her course, but is happy to help with other mediums as well. Her philosophy about teaching and creating works of art is to ‘be yourself, explore your passions and continue to learn the technical skills to enhance your ability’

Caroline has spent more than 20 years working with adults and young people in Fine Arts Education, showing her artwork in local and national, solo and shared exhibitions. An international 'Award Winning' artist, Caroline’s artwork recently featured as a part of the Australian delegation of watercolour artists to Fabriano in Italy

Praise from Caroline’s students

You artistic legend! You have a wonderful knack for nurturing the inner artist within. Your techniques are amazing and your teaching style is brilliant. CP.

Caroline is a fabulous teacher and artist. She's keen to keep us experimenting and trying lots of different materials and techniques to help us find our individual style and niches. She's very generous with her time and attention and is passionate and gracious about her teaching and art. A hard-working and talented lady. YB

Oh, it's such an artistic adventure to have Caroline teach you. Fantastic watercolour classes, fun, creative, enriching your soul. LL

A very relaxed atmosphere, wonderful teacher who interacts very well with her students and always has something positive to say about all students’ artwork. JC