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Course dates 2018

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Sarah is an experienced workshop tutor and loves to teach new techniques and inspire confidence in others. In 2017 she was teaching knitting in India, where she led a two-week holiday, raising funds for the Knit for Peace charity. “I also worked with women in one of the projects that the charity supports and I have returned full of inspiration for a new collection and tremendous enthusiasm for sharing my skills.”

You will find more about Sarah on her website, Here you will find small, stand-alone collections with an emphasis on creating sustainable clothes and accessories. “I work with a range of yarn suppliers in order to bring depth and variety to my work and more choice to the knitter or crocheter. My designs are available in a downloadable format and I talk about my inspiration as well as yarn and stitch choices on my blog and via my Instagram account, @sarahhazell6 ".

Knitting projects

In 2018 you'll be working with Sarah on two specially designed projects incorporating cable knitting and sequence knitting, and a third for those who have already tried the sequence-knitting project and would prefer an introduction to chevron knitting and stripe sequences..

Sarah’s projects for her week here are both inspired by the Watermill location.

Knitting example from Sarah Hazell at the watermill in Tuscany

Creative Cables“The first is a cabled scarf/cowl reflecting all the twist and turns that you will encounter during your stay – from the winding landscape through to the vines at the Watermill." The pattern will be written so that you can choose to knit the cowl flat or in the round. It is knitted in Erika Knight’s British Blue 100 (100% Blue Faced Leicester – 2 hanks).

Knitting project - Missoni inspired chevron patterns

In the photo (top right) you will see Sarah's example is knitted in Mrs Dalloway (a stunning ochre), but it will work equally well in Ballet Russes (a luscious pink), Kanoko (chalky blue), Clarissa (a warm neutral) and French (a bold, purply-grey). You choose which colour you prefer.

Missoni-inspired chevron patterns - "This project will enable you to design your own scarf using a simple chevron pattern. We will explore how different colours relate to each other, look at some of Missoni’s sketches and designs and discover how altering the proportion of colours within a striped sequence can affect a design."

Knitting example from Sarah Hazell at the watermill in Tuscany

You will each receive a pack of 10 x 25g balls of Erika Knight’s British Blue 100 (100% Blue Faced Leicester) in a range of warm and cool colours.

Sequence Knitting"This project uses the sequence knitting technique to create a beautiful shawl with lots of drape". It is knitted in West Yorkshire Spinners Illustrious DK and comes in a choice of Old Lace (cream) or Sandstone (marled ochre): you decide which colour you prefer.

Sarah says: “Workshop sessions tend to start with a technique focus linked to the projects and then a chance to work at your own pace with me on hand to offer support or advice if you need it. I am always happy to help with any other projects that you bring with you.”


Sarah Hazell is an inspiration. She has a mountain of knowledge that she shares generously and passionately. She has a lovely friendly, calm approach and takes the necessary time to demonstrate the techniques involved. Her colour choices are sensational with knowledge of how to use the best yarn to show the stitches used. She gives all students something from the newest of knitters to the more advanced. It is a pleasure to spend time with her, sharing the love of her craft.

Linda Hewston-Stocks: Crocheted Mandalas Workshop May 2017

I first met Sarah when I went on the Knit for Peace Holiday to Mysore in January 2017. Sarah was the tutor for that holiday. She had designed a beautiful project for us to work on, which had been very thoughtfully researched so as to reflect the the essence of India in the completed item. Her choice of yarn colours for the project also demonstrated her attention to detail in their appropriateness.

The materials Sarah provided for us in terms of our pattern folders, were thorough and clear and very easy to follow. She made the knitting and crochet very accessible to a group with a wide range of ability, from beginners to advanced skilled individuals. This was achieved by her ability to quickly discern those people that might need more focussed support to achieve good outcomes.

Her approach to the knitting session was always upbeat and enthusiastic and very encouraging. What was also very lovely about her was how she regularly noted and praised individual efforts and celebrated them with the whole group.

Her focussed teaching sessions on particular skills like, Swiss darning, incorporating beads into knitting along with the technique for making twisted stitches were always very succinct,well thought through and enabling. She showed great patience with people who needed extra support to get to grips with new,more challenging techniques. For that reason I believe her to be an excellent teacher.

Sarah has a lovely open friendly personality with a sunshiny disposition. I really enjoyed learning from her on that holiday. I  feel it has been a privilege to work with her and have a beautiful item of my own, as a memory from that holiday, that she designed and helped me to create.

Geraldine Maggio: Knit for Peace 2 week Knitting Holiday in Mysore, India January 2017

I have known Sarah over many years having been fortunate enough to attend many of the Workshops she facilitated for Rowan at Holmfirth. The subjects I learnt reflected the wide range of Sarah's knowledge and expertise, from lace knitting to colour theory. She even taught me to crochet, a skill that had previously eluded me for years.

Recently I went on a two week knitting holiday because Sarah was the tutor. Sarah made every member of the group feel valued. She is enabling and fun. We were all given plenty of her knowledge, time and encouragement to stretch ourselves and make something beautiful. I think that we all developed new skills, whether we were relatively new to knitting and crochet or had done it for years.

Sarah developed a supportive non-judgemental atmosphere within which we made new friends and shared ideas, knowledge and skills. I came home relaxed, reinvigorated and enthusiastic. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you Sarah.

Anne Jackson-Baker OBE