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2016 Yoga and Meditation programme

For the first time ever we are running yoga and meditation retreats at The Watermill and we are really looking forward to stimulating courses with our sympathetic and inspiring tutors. As well as a full programme of yoga and meditation sessions and workshops during the retreat, there will also be stimulating visits to local historic and scenic attractions, and you’ll also enjoy beautiful home-cooked Italian food with fresh local produce – and, of course, Italian wines!


Claire Murphy - Watermill in Tuscany's Yoga retreat

Claire Murphy

Unplug and Unwind

Yoga, meditation and massage have been a way of life for Claire for more than 25 years and she’s passionate about teaching them. Together we’ve created a unique five-day programme, with fresh and inspirational yoga and meditation sessions. Claire has called her unique five-day yoga and meditation course ‘Unplug and Unwind’. Unplugging from your daily busy-ness and ‘doing’ and, instead, finding a way of simply ‘being’: being within your body, being with the practice of yoga meditation and just letting go completely.

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Here’s a short video from our passionate and inspiring teacher Claire Murphy, to tell you all about it:

Nataly Kogan and Joanna Benevides - Watermill in Tuscany's Yoga retreat

Nataly Kogan and Joanna Benevides

Nutrition for your Soul

Nataly Kogan is dedicated to helping people to live happier lives – more meaningful, calmer and kinder. She’s even set up a company, Happier, with that aim in mind and she’s developed a unique program, Nutrition for Your Soul™, to guide people towards living with more joy: to nourish their soul and live a life they truly want, versus the one they feel they should have. Now Natalie and her friend Joanna Benevides, a certified yoga instructor and holistic health coach, have teamed up with The Watermill to produce a unique week-long retreat in peaceful rural Tuscany.