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Trevor Lingard

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Painting by watermill tutor Trevor Lingard

Fivizzano fountain

Watercolour demonstation

The market square, Piazza dei Medicea, Fivizzano is a quaint location with traditional architecture surrounding. The central fountain takes pride of place there as shown in my painting. There is no need to show every window and door...let the viewer fill the spaces.

Painting by Trevor Lingard a tutor at the watermill in Italy

Italian village street

Watercolour demonstation

During the week course you will experience amazing landscape vistas and lovely hidden gems with traditional architectural charm round every corner. This watercolour painting demonstration, made as the students looked on, shows the effects of light and shadows with minimum detail suggested. In the heat of the day a quick sketch painting like this can be very satisfying.

Painting tutor at the watermill in Italy Trevor Lingard

Monte dei Bianchi

Watercolour demonstation

The village of Monte dei Bianchi narrow street inspired this watercolour, painted with immediacy to capture the impact of reflected light. The figures bring life, movement and scale to a painting..I encourage this whenever possible.

Painting tutor Trevor Lingard at the watermill in Italy

Verrucola castle

Watercolour demonstation

The impressive castle in Verrucola is a great location for commencing the week's painting course at the mill. Plein air painting can be quite a challenge, but the experience is never forgotten. This portrait format of the castle shows the approach viewed from the path down. Everywhere you look is the perfect composition. A must location for the challenge.

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Trevor Lingard's work is characterised by an economy of detail and the use of a limited palette, which gives his paintings a sense of light and immediacy and a unique ambiance and style. He is self-taught, but has spent decades of practice honing his skills and gaining a deep understanding of the properties of the paints and the surfaces he uses. He says: "I have been inspired by the works of Edward Seago and Sir William Russell Flint and, more recently, by the renowned artists Trevor Chamberlain and John Yardley". His inspiration also comes from many travels abroad, with many of his well known works portraying the hustle and bustle of European cities and landscapes.

During his week at Watermill, Trevor will encourage students to adopt a loose approach to watercolours and will help to build up their confidence in suing the medium. On location, in the beautiful landscapes surrounding the mill, and in the studio, he'll demonstrate architectural, figurative, townscape and landscape compositions to completion. These demonstrations will help students to gain knowledge of perspective, tone, balance, light direction and composition.

Trevor has a very enthusiastic but relaxed approach to his teaching. He says: "My aim is purely that you have a very satisfying and enjoyable experience in my company."

Praise for Trevor's courses at the mill:

Many thanks for a most enjoyable week spent at the Watermill. I felt very relaxed after being looked after and fed so well. Trevor's paintings are always an inspiration to me and I welcomed the chance to meet him again and spend lots of time painting and sketching with his expert help. S.B.

I thoroughly enjoyed my week at the Watermill, Trevor was a wonderful tutor. All the other guests were great company and everybody mixed well, your organization as usual was superb, the food was delicious! I will return again. N.O.