Watermill painting tutor Maggie Renner Hellmann


Maggie Renner Hellmann

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Painting by watermill tutor Maggie Renner Hellmann

Colorado Flatirons

Oil on canvas

I hadn’t painted much in the month before this painting and the unrestrained excitement just seemed to burst forth! I believe I even experimented in painting some strokes with my left hand - Not my normal hand! It’s this excitement and exploration that fuels great painting. I try to fuel that excitement in my students as well as teach them the foundations of painting that happen behind the scenes.

Painting by Maggie Renner Hellmann a tutor at the watermill in Italy

California Farm

Oil on panel

Coming from parents who grew up on farms, old barns and farm equipment are seductive to me, speaking of times past and simpler ways of life. While this was painted from a current working farm, I felt the old barns charm. I used artistic license in the placement of the rows of crops and many contrasting hues here to give drama to my composition.

Painting tutor at the watermill in Italy Maggie Renner Hellmann

Coastal Estuary

Oil on canvas

I painted this larger oil from a small pastel study I did on location. The overlapping shapes created a wonderful perspective and sense of distance, while the color choices arose from a real joy and thought out plan. I often use smaller plein air studies made on location to create my larger studio paintings. During this workshop we will create many plein air studies that you may choose to elaborate on later.

Painting tutor Maggie Renner Hellmann at the watermill in Italy

Big Sur

Acrylic on panel

I love to paint water, coasts and rivers. This is a small study, which I later turned into a large painting. The board was toned first, to help unify the colors and to give a sparkle of warm color thru out. Big Sur is perhaps one of my favorite places along the California coast. The evening light and misty day spoke to the ageless rock formations in different colors and shapes. Some wet and some dry. All gorgeous!

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‘Courageous Color Workshop’

Your choice: in oils, acrylics, pastels and/or watercolour and ink travel sketches

Maggie Renner Hellmann is a contemporary California artist who paints with love, passion and energy. Her work is characterized by a unique blend of loose, energetic brushwork and strong compositions of exuberant color. She says: “I love the joy of color and the poetry of brushwork. Classically trained, Maggie received her bachelor’s degree with Honors in Art, Illustration & Design and continued on with intensive painting studies at the Lorenzo de’ Medici Art Institute in Florence, Italy as well as with Master Painters, Ovanes Berberian and Calvin Liang.

Maggie has been painting for more than 40 years and her work reveals a confidence and a joy in her creative process. She has painted in many juried and invitational plein air events and exhibits, winning multiple Best of Show and Artist Choice Awards. Maggie’s work has been featured in ‘The Artist’s Magazine’ and fine art calendars.

Inspired by the French Impressionists and plein-air painters, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Toulouse Lautrec and Pierre Bonnard, and early California impressionists and American plein-air painters Edgar Payne, Seldon Gile, William Wendt, Maynard Dixon, and John Singer-Sargent, Maggie has that element of the impressionist in her sights, as well as that of the expressionist and the colorist. She says: “I love the Joy of Color and the Poetry of Brushwork”

Maggie is also a knowledgeable and enthusiastic tutor. She’s been teaching for more than 15 years – and she loves it! Her years of experience in painting in many mediums have distilled her teaching to the core fundamentals that will help guide any painter toward success. She will encourage the beginner and challenge the more advanced.

Maggie’s painting course at The Watermill

Maggie says: “In this plein air Courageous Color Workshop, we will paint in various spectacular Tuscan locations. Our emphasis will be on learning and practicing the core elements of successful paintings - Color, composition, focal point, light source, values, positive & negative shapes, volumes, edges, brushwork & perspective, as well as how to use contrasts to give excitement and drama to your paintings and much more!”

All levels of experience are welcome. The medium is your choice. Maggie will share with you her craft & knowledge of painting. She will help you to free yourself from old patterns and move toward more exciting color choices.

Maggie says: “Each day we will focus on one aspect :

  • Learn how to see more color and find your 'Color Courage’ in an outdoor landscape class.
  • Get help and immediate feedback in creating a beautiful outdoor landscape.
  • Learn more about and practice creating focal points, designing compositions, seeing values, getting the right perspective, seeing shapes and volumes, color, edges and brushwork.
  • Learn about easel options, canvas preparation, palette color layout and care of brushes.

Maggie will guide you through the painting process step by step with demos, handouts, as well as showing by example and through constructive critiques.

Maggie will demo and assist artists individually and paint for students to observe throughout the day. Group sharing and a friendly, informative critique will be offered at the end of each day

Maggie says: “Come and share in the energy and inspiration of painting the Tuscan Landscape! A perfect blend of Art & Adventure!”

Praise from Maggie’s students

"What I liked best about the workshop was Maggie's approachable manner and encouragement, her clear understanding about color and light, her experience in simplifying landscapes and the discipline of first studying the subject in values - and how to make poetry out of a simple landscape." - Frank S - art professor

“What I particularly like about your teaching is that you seem to be able to distil the learning into meaningful chunks that are understandable and then you demonstrate the concept and have us practice it. Your methodology is very effective. I really like getting your feedback. You give it in a very helpful and constructive way and always let us observe you painting. Thanks!" - Andrea S - former school principal

“I love Maggie's style of teaching; she gives very clear & logical instruction. She is able to distil the complexity of oil painting into an easy-to-understand and do-able step-by-step approach. Thank you so much for your patient, effective - and fun - teaching!" - Karin L - artist

"You are so talented and make everyone feel welcome to 'do' art with you. I never felt like I wasn't as good as anyone else or that I shouldn't be in the class. You really take each person at their own level and help them improve their skills." - Sharleen B - budding artist

“Painting outdoors can be overwhelming and you taught us how to zero-in on something to paint. I found that so valuable. I also learned a lot about color and already feel that my first painting after taking your class is so much more vibrant. It was also so much fun. I came home each day exhausted and exhilarated. I enjoyed every minute of it. I would recommend your class to anyone interested in painting no matter what their painting level is." - Mary G - artist