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Doranne Alden

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Painting by watermill tutor Doranne Alden

The Blue Light at Dahlet Qorot

Watercolours: 30cm x 42cm

Painted in 2013 in situ at Dahlet Qorot on the outskirts of the village of Nadur on the island of Gozo. What drew me to painting this scene was the magic of turquoise sea nestled in between the large boulders along its edge, plus the fortress tower sitting on the edge of the cliff. A wonderful journey of light and colour throughout the whole painting process.
Now in a private collection.

Painting by Doranne Alden a tutor at the watermill in Italy

The Easter Bouquet

Watercolours: 40cm x 60cm

Still one of my all time favourite paintings I have done over the years. This is a portrait of my neighbour's daughter who came over in one Easter Sunday morning to give me the bouquet of flowers from their garden. As she stood in the doorway holding the flowers I quickly grabbed my camera as I could already envisage the painting I could make.
The painting is now hanging in a private collection in Germany.

Painting tutor at the watermill in Italy Doranne Alden

The First Winter Crocus

Watercolours: 30cm x 42cm

This painting was inspired by the situation I was in back in 2012 when my son was leaving to study abroad for the first time. I saw the first crocus flowers as a sign of hope amidst the feeling of unease of what the future would be like without my children at home for the first time. The colours are a reflection of my positive outlook on life that when things are tough there is still light and beauty in everything around us. It was painted in my favourite medium of Ecoline Watercolours on 300 gsm CP paper. I later used this painting for a solo exhibition entitled 'Jewelled Colours' which I held at the Private Executive Club at the Intercontinental Hotel in St. George's Bay, Malta back in 2011.

Painting tutor Doranne Alden at the watermill in Italy


Watercolours: 30cm x 42cm

I was inspired to paint this picture by the beauty of the light against the bent Mediterranean Cyprus tree. I felt I wanted to honour the determined strength of the few trees which grow on the island of Malta, despite the short winters and strong winds that hit the islands for throughout of the year. This was painted back in 2012 in a mix of Watercolour and Ecoline Watercolours on 300 gsm CP Watercolour paper. Later that year I entered the painting in a collective exhibition in Malta.

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Doranne Alden is a professional artist, art teacher and graphic designer who particularly loves painting in watercolour. She now lives in Malta, but also worked for several years in Germany.

She is also a dedicated teacher, who has led many classes and workshops. She loves sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm, inspiring her students to produce their best work -- and she's happy to teach beginners as well as more experienced painters.

Doranne enjoys working on various subjects and is mostly inspired by the colour of the composition rather than the subject matter itself. She says of her art: "I am still as passionate about my painting as I was when first I started attending art school at the age of 14. My work is vibrant and bold and I like to think that it is a reflection of my personality and philosophy on life. I firmly believe that, as Matisse once said, 'There are always flowers for those who want to see them.'

Her works have appeared in several exhibitions in Europe, both solo and collective over the last 25 years.

Over the years both foreign and local media have greeted Doranne Alden's work with positive acclaim –her work has been referred to as 'little jewels of art' by the German newspaper the 'Ammersee Kurier'; while in Malta, Marika Azzopardi coined the epithet 'warmth and mouth-watering mellowness' for her fruit (pears) in the 'Weekender' the culture section of 'The Times' a Maltese newspaper.

Doranne's paintings form part of several private collections in Malta and overseas.


"'I can safely describe Doranne Alden as being naturally gifted with unlimited artistic competence. This I feel, she instils in her students and one is drawn into her subconscious, wonderful world of shape and colour without effort. Every time she puts brush to canvas, it's like a magic wand! Doranne has an energetic rhythm in her lessons with a touch of gentle humour which helps us to relax, filling us with inspiration to learn and aspire to create and imitate her timeless works of art." FF

"Doranne can easily teach each student in her class, at their own pace. She allows her students to experiment and learn through their own experiences guiding them gently along. From matchstick men to watercolour painting in less than a year. Doranne taught me that painting is not just visualising outlines, shapes, and colours but really seeing all the spaces in between." MA

"I am addicted to Doranne's classes both as a teacher and as a person. Her lessons are therapeutic, relaxing and fun. I love the freedom she gives us to make our own interpretation but also teaching us about light, colour and perspective. Doranne teaches us to create loose, flowing and happy paintings." RZC

"I got to know Doranne Alden last year. Someone recommended her as I wanted a good teacher for watercolour. I love her paintings. She makes the lesson fun and easy. I enjoyed watching her create a painting step by step." MDG