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Freya Middleton, leader of Freya’s Florence Tours

Freya was born in Australia, but is convinced she has an Italian soul! She came to Florence more than a decade ago on a post-graduate research fellowship after her degree in Art History – and never left.

Freya studied in Australia, England, the Sorbonne in Paris, as well as in Florence. But it was Italy that captured her heart: "I was completely seduced by the country, the art, the architecture, the fashion, the food, the pace of life, the countryside and, of course, the magnificent cities. And of course, there are the people: crazy, generous, ingenious and unpredictable! Their creativity and their arrogance, their magnanimity and devotion to life make the country what it was and what it is today".

Enjoy the Italian hospitality in Florence after your course at the watermill in Italy

"My team and I want to bring Florence alive for you: it is attractive in so many ways and appeals to all the senses and to the soul: you'll be transported to the Golden Age when the city was the undisputed leader in wealth, splendour and power , reflected in its art and architecture. Modern Florentine life co-exists with the past and my aim is to expose you to both the romantic ideal and the raw Italian 'bella vita' that draws us to the country time and time again."

Freya adds: "I became a licensed private tour guide of Florence for numerous reasons, predominately because I like people and I like to be surrounded by beauty. Working as a private tour guide, conducting walking tours of Florence, combines both of these. The city is a museum, both historical and contemporary, of the Italian people. The buildings, the churches, the streets and the works in the museums tell the story of humankind and this helps us to understand who we are today."

Video: A personal greeting from Freya

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Freya has put together a unique sight-seeing package for Watermill Florence Add-on guests. There will be two four-hour tours on Thursday and Friday with Freya or a hand-picked member of her team, including an intimate tour of the city’s sights, both familiar and less well known. There will also be guided trips to the treasures of the world-famous Uffizi and Accademia galleries.

For more information about your daily itinerary. visit our add-on Itinerary